Yanik Deschênes, ARP, LL.B.

Yanik DeschênesYanik has more than 20 years experience in communications, PR, marketing and issues management.

His professional background boasts significant achievements at prominent agencies (Sid Lee, Cossette and NATIONAL), at leading retailer Walmart Canada Corp., as well as within the advertising industry (Association of Quebec Advertising Agencies) and in government agencies (Canadian Space Agency).

A strategy-focused, result-oriented professional who is respected and acknowledged in Canada’s communications and media industry, Yanik is a team player and a unifying leader whose impeccable track record includes several complex and large-scale projects, such as:

  • He helped make Sid Lee the agency of the year in 2013.
  • Established “C2 Montréal” (an international conference on business and creativity).
  • At AAPQ, he rallied the creative industry in the province behind the Montreal.ad project and also led several successful trade missions abroad.
  • At Walmart Canada, he significantly improved the retailer’s reputation at the provincial and national levels by managing issues and establishing important programs (e.g. Achat Québec). He also led negotiations with the relevant authorities on the complex issues of reputation management with regard to CSR (e.g. sweatshops, unions, ethical sourcing, etc.)
  • At the Canadian Space Agency, he managed media relations for Canada’s most high profile missions.

Yanik is a professional duly accredited (APR) by the Canadian Public Relations Society and is Chairman of the Communications + Public Relations Foundation (CPRF).