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Le Journal de Montréal • Le  6 November, 2018

Living a long life can have an impact on your retirement

The biggest risk you will have in retirement is not so much dying as living a very long time! A factor to consider when planning.

TVA Nouvelles • Le  4 November, 2018

Foreign filming: Montreal planning on seducing Hollywood

Montreal is preparing to seduce many of the studios this coming November in Los Angeles with the hopes of increasing its list of contracts, despite the economic spinoffs of foreign shoots having increased in the last year.

Le Journal de Montréal • Le  3 November, 2018

Make money whilst saving the planet

An unknown wealthy Quebec investor and friend of billionaire Richard Branson, seduces moguls like Madonna and Bill Clinton with his green energy fund Inerjys.

Global News • Le 18 October, 2018

The importance of global climate change

Hot off the Monte-Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean, Stephan Ouaknine of Inerjys sits down with Global’s Andrea Howick to discuss his vision of clean energy.

La Presse + • Le 12 October, 2018

Too much movie shooting already in Montreal?

The City of Montreal and the Quebec Film and Television Council want to attract more foreign shootings. However, in some neighborhoods such as Old Montreal and Mile End, people find that there are already too many. Good news: there are solutions, plead the directors responsible for location shoots.

Le Journal de Montréal • Le  9 October, 2018

Persuading company directors to return to Quebec

On the verge of giving up his seat at the head of the International Executive Search Federation (ISEF), headhunter Normand Lebeau is quite proud of his secret weapon: a database containing the names of 3000 industry leaders from Quebec living abroad. • Le  5 October, 2018

Aerospace. Montreal is recruiting a hundred people in Toulouse

Montreal International is rolling out its red carpet in Toulouse on October 16 and 17, and invites all aeronautical professionals to get their dream job in the Quebec metropolis! Under the theme "Prenez l’air de Montréal", this major event will allow six Montreal companies to fill nearly a hundred jobs.

CBC Radio • Le  3 October, 2018

Insects now available at your grocery store

After launching their pasta business made with cricket flour, the co-founders of Pasta Mélio have reached a new stage: that of marketing. A large grocery store chain opens their doors to the concept.

Journal Metro • Le 28 September, 2018

Fundraising for sick children

On September 27, The IGA Extra Langelier in St-Léonard was chosen to launch a fundraising campaign in collaboration with Cascades.

LaPresse + • Le 26 September, 2018

From Hugh Jackman to Jackie Chan

Following in the footsteps of Jennifer Lawrence and Hugh Jackman, will Chinese superstars Jackie Chan and Zhou Xun soon be seen on the streets of Montreal?