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CBC Radio • Le  3 October, 2018

Insects now available at your grocery store

After launching their pasta business made with cricket flour, the co-founders of Pasta Mélio have reached a new stage: that of marketing. A large grocery store chain opens their doors to the concept.

Journal Metro • Le 28 September, 2018

Fundraising for sick children

On September 27, The IGA Extra Langelier in St-Léonard was chosen to launch a fundraising campaign in collaboration with Cascades.

LaPresse + • Le 26 September, 2018

From Hugh Jackman to Jackie Chan

Following in the footsteps of Jennifer Lawrence and Hugh Jackman, will Chinese superstars Jackie Chan and Zhou Xun soon be seen on the streets of Montreal?

Global News • Le 20 August, 2018

Montreal’s District M makes it big in digital advertising

Want to know how digital advertising works? Join Global’s Laura Casella and District M president Jean-Francois Coté to find out more about the new digital advertising age and why Montreal is well-placed to succeed. • Le 13 August, 2018

Coming soon: Carbon Neutral Films Filmed in Quebec

In the next five years, the BCTQ is aiming for all "Hollywood style" filming in Quebec to be carbon neutral. "It's a big change that's going to happen [green productions]. We want to be among the first in North America [to go green]. Everyone is going that route, and that's what we have to do, "says Pierre Moreau, in an interview with La Presse.

Global News • Le 26 July, 2018

Entrepreneur Week: Boostmi app

Entrepreneur Week continues on Global News Morning and we’re talking with Boostmi CEO Michael Bibeau, whose brand new application is revolutionizing the way we deal with car troubles and roadside assistance!

LaPresse • Le 20 July, 2018

Foreign filming: Quebec on the road to setting a record

Despite not being host to shooting 100 million dollar Hollywood blockbusters, Quebec is aiming to reach a new record for Hollywood shootings in 2018.

Global News • Le 11 July, 2018

How AI is changing the face of sports

Stradigi AI co-founder Carolina Bessega and Montreal Canadiens assistant coach Kirk Muller join Global’s Laura Casella to talk about the role of artificial intelligence in sports.

Le Journal de Montréal • Le  2 July, 2018

"A free banking system I'm sorry to say, can't exist", according to Louis Vachon, CEO of National Bank

The CEO of the National Bank Louis Vachon is convinced that the banks will not disappear in favor of tech companies who are trying to unseat them with their virtually free services.

TVA • Le 14 June, 2018

On top of the world in the name of his daughter

Following the tragic death of his daughter in a road accident in 2002, he challenged himself to climb the seven highest peaks in the world, one on each continent, and leave a picture of his daughter at the summit of each peak. Mount Everest was his 4th challenge. A challenge that he successfully met, but one that was not without difficulty.