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La Presse + • Le 15 May, 2019

A $1 billion US gamble on collaborative offices

The "Caisse de dépôt et placement" invests $1 billion US in a joint venture with WeWork, a startup that specializes in creating collaborative offices, is revolutionizing office real estate much in the same way that Amazon has turned the retail business upside down.

Les Affaires • Le 16 April, 2019

Impact Investing: A first for Concordia University

This shift followed the signing of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) in 2018. By signing the PRI, the FUC is committed to evaluating its investments through the ESG filter; environmental, social and governance.

LaPresse + • Le  8 April, 2019

The National bank reaps big returns in Cambodia

Discreetly speaking, the investment experience that the National Bank (NB) acquired over the past five years in Cambodia has turned into a real profit maker for them. The super regional banking model they used in South-east Asia seems to have taken on, thanks to a partnership developed with the Advanced Bank of Asia (ABA). The ABA will be generating 100 million in US dollars and the NB will be inheriting these funds and become a full owner in just a few months time.

The New York Times • Le 29 March, 2019

He Helped Create A.I. Now, He Worries About ‘Killer Robots.’

Yoshua Bengio is worried that innovations in artificial intelligence that he helped pioneer could lead to a dark future, if “killer robots” get into the wrong hands.

Métro • Le 26 March, 2019

Two women from Montreal working on Captain Marvel

In the bright offices of the Framestore studio located in the Mile End, employees Laurence Provost and Patricia Leblanc are no strangers to superhero movies. They both worked on Deadpool 2 before diving into Captain Marvel.

Le Journal de Montréal • Le 18 March, 2019

A bolt of lightening hits the towing and jump starting business

By modernizing the service in the digital age, the Quebec based company Boostmi is hoping to take advantage of the current craze in the sharing economy to compete with CAA-Quebec in the towing-booster industry.

Le Journal de Montréal • Le 19 February, 2019

The Laurentians are calling out to film makers

Already highly courted by film and television producers, the Laurentians want to attract even more filming. Foreign producers, writers, and directors have spent a few days in the region in recent weeks to discover the cinematographic potential of the area.

Les Affaires • Le 18 February, 2019

ETF: How the National Bank Investments division plans to fit in with the competetion

In an ETF market dominated by Vanguard, iShares, and BMO, the National Bank (NA) wants to stand out with active management and niche strategies. In an interview, Annamaria Testani, Vice President, National Sales at National Bank Investments (BNI), explains the strategy of the Montreal financial institution, which has just launched its first four exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Le Journal de Montréal • Le  9 February, 2019

Ad agencies are also looking for their income tax credit

In the midst of a war of talent, advertising agencies are asking Québec to also be entitled to the 30% tax credit for hiring techno-savvy employees.

les affaires • Le  6 February, 2019

2 Québec based comapnies recognized by Bloomberg for their gender equality efforts

This year, CAE and the National Bank (BN) were the two Québec companies to gain recognition by the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index, which recognizes companies that are committed to advancing gender equality in the workplace. In addition, both companies have been very transparent with regards to the disclosure of related information.