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The Globe and Mail • Le 16 April, 2018

Going online should not require risking your privacy

With the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal coming to a head over the past couple of weeks, a topic that was once nebulous is now put under a bright spotlight and becoming a major concern for all online users: data privacy and protection.

LeDroit • Le  4 April, 2018

Maple syrup courses through his veins

In 1999, they had to make a choice. Stay in Aylmer, or move with their three young children to Gracefield, in Gatineau, so that Paul could take over the family sugar shack business. They chose Gracefield.

The Paris Review • Le 26 February, 2018

Napoleon’s Chamber Pot: Propaganda and Fake News

A few weeks ago, shortly after the news broke that the curator of the Guggenheim Museum had offered President Donald Trump a gold toilet as an artwork-commode for his private quarters in the White House, I found myself in Montreal, examining a toilet meant for another powerful rump.

Strategy • Le 25 February, 2018

Weekend Reading: What it takes to brand an agency

Like many businesses, ad agencies struggle with branding. As a service provider, turning their own creative lens internally tends to be an after-thought – something that can be done once they’ve secured the next client, launched that campaign, grown the team.

“What’s that saying? The shoemaker’s kids always get the worst shoes,” says Arthur Fleishmann, CEO of Toronto agency John St.

Le Journal de Montréal • Le 18 February, 2018

More than 8 billion hits day

Specializing in the sale of targeted digital advertising, District M racks up more than 8 billion hits every day. It must be said that the growth of District M has been dazzling in recent years with an income explosion of more than 16,000%.

Journal Metro • Le 15 February, 2018

Fueling the future

A lifetime in LaSalle instilled a sense of community in Rob Piccioni, and when he decided to start his own trucking business, he built Fuel Transport in the heart of his hometown. He is progressive as a trucking industry leader and does not do things in the usual way. Always looking forward, he has ordered some of Tesla’s electric Semis, and his innovative spirit does not stop there.

MediaPost Agency Daily • Le  7 February, 2018

Sid Lee Gets A Makeover

Sid Lee is seeking to reinvent itself for the "modern age" by introducing a new corporate identity and message that emphasizes collectivism and collaboration. Sid Lee’s new branding includes a logo, signature, website and reel, as well as a new visual language and approach. • Le  2 February, 2018

Is the Super Bowl still King when it comes to advertising?

Infopresse talks with Maxime Paiement, Creative Director of Sid Lee, to see if the Super Bowl remains the hallmark of advertising for brands in 2018.

Le • Le 30 January, 2018

La Brûlerie de l’Est to promote Kamouraska on its coffee packaging

La Brûlerie de l'Est will benefit from its distribution network in several Metro and Super C  locations in Quebec to promote Kamouraska. The owner of the company, Jean-Pierre Tirman, intends to add the brand image (tag) "The" use his coffee packaging and describe the art of living à la kamouraskoise.

Le Journal de Montréal • Le 10 January, 2018

Consumer Electronics Show: personal assistants hold the key

Banks, pharmacies and restaurants will be shaken up with the advent of smart personal assistants that are making a splash at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, according to Sid Lee President Montreal, Martin Gauthier.