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La Presse + • 21 October, 2019

FUEL brand is under ice at the Bell Centre

Everything moves and moves when it comes to Fuel. The raison d'être of the LaSalle Borough's business, which is truck transportation logistics services, has a foothold all across North America. And, the company whose turnover is close to $ 200 million is in constant growth and technological development.

Huffpost • 17 October, 2019

For a long time, I hid from my children that I had trouble reading: I was ashamed

I decided to go for help when I started to have grandchildren. I do not want to relive the same thing as with my children.

RCI (Radio Canada International) • 16 October, 2019

Developing an interest in entrepreneurship at the ECS school

ECS, the private school for girls is the first school to launch a platform to encourage their students to undertake a project on a theme that inspires them.

Le Monde • 14 October, 2019

In Quebec, gender studies attract young French people looking for a "toolbox"

In Montreal, the study of social relations between the sexes has been proposed in universities for thirty years, offering a new analytical grid, which French students are increasingly demanding.

Le Monde • 12 October, 2019

Montreal: The new Silicon Valley of artifical intelligence

The Quebec metropolis has become a benchmark for deep learning, driven by star researcher Yoshua Bengio. His laboratories attract many international students, many of them French.

Le Monde • 12 October, 2019

At the CHU de Montréal, a school of artificial intelligence tailored to health is being implemented

At the hospital center of the University of Montreal, the brand new School of Artificial Intelligence in Health (EIAS), the first of its kind, accompanies CHU staff in the digital transformation. There are plans to make it possible to earn a degree via an online program.

Le • 3 October, 2019

"I choose Montreal" promotes Montreal destination among Moroccan students

"I choose Montreal", an initiative of Montreal International and the Government of Quebec, which aims to present all the information on study opportunities in Montreal...

El Espectador • 2 October, 2019

Montreal, una ciudad abierta a las diferencias

Desde hace mucho este destino se convirtió en una ciudad cosmopolita que atrae a miles de turistas y migrantes de todas partes del mundo. El gobierno de la provincia de Quebec se esfuerza cada vez más en intentar lograr que se queden y le aporten al sistema productivo y cultural.

Régional-IT • 25 September, 2019

"I choose Montreal". Attracting students to Québec (particularly in hi-tech)

In April 2018, Quebec and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation signed a convention entitled "Agreement on student access to facilitate access to French-speaking Belgian students by Quebec universities". Today, Montreal is once again stepping up to attract more of our young people across the Atlantic, notably by highlighting the existence of training programs in a few areas where Quebec is at the forefront: artificial intelligence, video games and augmented reality, health ...

Lien Multimédia • 20 September, 2019

The Canada China International Film Festival wants to build a coalition between the two countries

For the fourth edition of the Canada China International Film Festival, more than fifty Chinese businesses, filmmakers, producers, and even actors have traveled from China, but also from the rest of Canada and the United States. For four years now, the Montreal event has been hosted by Miao Song, its founder, and director. The philosophy student at Concordia University is particularly interested in graphic design, documentaries, theater production, and interactive media.